Taking a Different Tack


Hello once again my faithful Marmetians  (Marmites? Need to suss that out) , the hoped for June debut is quickly approaching but things being what they are it’s looking a little more like the latter end of the month before the first podcast will be ready.

That said, I will endeavour to keep the proverbial dream alive by blogging on a more regular basis.  Also, please feel free to drop me a line with ideas. Got a book, working on a game, or do you even have your own podcast you’d like to talk about?  I want to hear about it.

Until next time…

Say pal, what are you trying to pull?


Yes, yes.  You might be wondering why you’ve not heard much in the way of updates from the ol’ Marmot Man.  Well, part of that is due to a lack of updates, and most of that is due to a lack of updates.  As anyone who is currently breathing may be aware, life is what happens when you make plans and scheduling can be tricky, particularly with people who have a lot of things going on.

The good thing is that the people I hope to have on the show have a lot going on.  This typically means that they have things to talk about.  This is good when the meat and potatoes of your podcast relies on people talking about things.  So let’s take that as a good sign and move ahead.

What I do have to share is some design work from an extremely talented graphic artist who recently did some work for me.  I would like to thank her and give a shout-out to Andi Robinson.  She can be found at Andi Robinson Designs.

And so, I give you the first Marmot Report graphic:




Hello? Yes, what?


To the waiting masses, I apologize for the limited updates thus far.  The best laid plans and all.  I’m still courting guests and working out the kinks in the podcast format, which is to say that I need a format in order to have kinks that can be worked out.  I’m also in a desperate need of a massage, but that is not at all relevant to the topic at hand.

So to you, my wonderfully hopefull readers and soon to be listeners (maaaaaybe someday viewers), I ask for and appreciate your continued patience whilst I get the shop in order.
As always, I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and questions.  Seriously, ask me a question on any topic and I’ll do my best to answer it “on air”

Thanks again everyone. Looking forward to hitting your earholes in June.

First guests booked!


Hello to all you faithful followers out there.  The Cult of the Marmot lives on in each of you.  The best way to stay fresh in peoples mind is to provide regular content and updates.  I had thought about doing something provocative and eye-catching, such as dropping my drawers in the middle of a busy intersection but level headedness prevailed and I am happy to say that my pants remain securely fastened and covering the naughty bits.

Doughy exposure aside, I do have some exciting news to announce.  My first subje…guests have agreed to sit down with me on Sunday to talk about their multiple award-winning scifi comedy audio program, Hadron Gospel Hour.  I’m a fan of their show and am very much looking forward to chatting with them.  They’ve already asked if profanity is allowed and I believe that one of them has made a death threat against me, so it should be some good stuff.  You should check them out.

I have said it before and I will say it again, thanks for following.



So it begins. Sort of.



You have to start somewhere and this is where it starts for me.  Though not fully kitted out, it should be enough to start things moving.  The domain is up, the website is up, the recording setup is good to go and so things are in a good spot to start production this month for the debut in June.

I’m always on the lookout for content, ideas, and feedback so feel free to send along an email or leave a comment below.  Follow me on Twitter and let’s get this shindig on the road!