August Update



Hello all and welcome to August, the most august of the summer months.  It’s been hot and humid and quite frankly, I’ve not been a fan.  But things being what they are, it is summer and it’s not snowing out so I suppose that is a win. 

Now then, what’s been going on?  It’s been a few months and things have gotten away from me a bit.  An immediate family member passed in June and it still doesn’t feel quite real.  I can’t even say I’ve really allowed myself to process it.  Life itself has been its usual rollercoaster of moody ups and downs and I struggle more with myself than anything that might be going on around me.  But that’s not why you come here.  You come here for the sweet, sweet…something. 

The book You and 42: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Douglas Adams saw publication in June.  Seeing your name in print is a special sort of awesome.  Its shipment from the publisher was delayed however and unfortunately that delay prevented me from showing it to the one person I really wanted to show it to.  Life is fleeting my friends, life if fleeting. 

On the gaming front, I finally bit the bullet and gave Fortnight a shot.  I’m terrible at it but it is a fun way to kill a little bit of time if you’ve got nothing else going on.  The visual design is fun, the gameplay is easy enough to pick up and the crafting, while something I’m no good at, adds a really nice bit of novelty to the game. 

Last month I joined a group to kick-off a new D&D campaign.  It’s the GM’s first foray into the 5th edition ruleset and my second campaign overall.  Our group is huge with 9 PCs and the GM.  That is 10 people to wrangle together in one place.  I think the real campaign is scheduling our sessions, with the resulting gameplay merely an incidental side effect.  My character is a Dragonborn fighter and in our first encounter I cleanly cleaved an opponent in half with a single nat20 roll.  It was satisfying.  In a later session I saw fit to engage in a friendly drinking game but my constitution rolls did not go well with the result being a wall projectile-painted with a soupy mix of ale and semi digested quail and a giant dragonborn fighter passed out face-down on the floor of the dining hall.  Good times. 

Well, that’s about it.  I know, it isn’t much.  The burrow hasn’t exactly been hopping lately but things are looking up. 

Until next time, roll for initiative and watch the skies for a ride off this crazy rock. 


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