March-ing Forward


Yup. It’s March. January and February happened. I can’t say that I have much in the way of things to report, but what the hell, here we go:

Monster Hunter has finally arrived on a platform that I actually use. All of the reviews I’ve read have spoken of it very favorably, praising it’s visuals and appreciating the streamlining of certain mechanics. I’ve always been intrigued by the series but I’ve never played it. I bit the bullet, preordered it (the day before) and now it sits on my XB1X, languishing on my hard drive.

I played it the day it was released, but I really wanted to experience the multiplayer aspect of it and that was broken. And besides, whenever I asked around, everyone said they were on PS4. Once it was fixed I didn’t want to jump in with strangers because, well, stranger danger. Social awkwardness doesn’t end at the face-to-face.

And in playing I think I discovered something about my gaming habits at this point in my life. I just wanted to kill some time. I didn’t want to invest the effort to plan ahead, to craft my inventory to match the creature I was preparing to hunt. Now, it might be that over time I’ve lost my ability to focus and immerse myself in a game, or it might be that my now semi-pro level of alcoholism has destroyed my critical thinking abilities, but I just can’t sink my teeth in a deep game like Monster Hunter like I used to. If I’m not interacting with a real person or group to plan strategy and have a solid back-and-forth, I just want mindless, frantic action. I keep telling myself that Witcher 3 is going to the the play through that it deserves (f#^÷ing amazing game on so many levels) but in the end I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall 2. (a special shout out to Elite Dangerous and Minecraft for some mindless grind-time)

On the tabletop front, I have finally received my copy of WETA Workshop’s Giant Killer Robots: Heavy Hitters. I’ll do a second post with pics. It’s an impressive package and I’m really happy with the miniatures. The GIANT miniatures. I’ve picked up some additional games, one Steve Jackson game on Kickstarter, and there is a new Star Wars miniatures game in pre-release which I could see sucking up more of my income than I would like to admit, but at the moment I’m in a holding pattern with new purchases. The need to pay down the credit card before PAX East 2018 is great. In an ideal world the revenue from my Patreon and my Twitch stream would offset some of the costs, but for that to happen I would need a Patreon and a Twich stream, neither of which actually exist.

Here we are. This is the end of the post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Your coat should be in the back room, but I’ve had a problem with security in the tunnels lately so if you can’t find yours just grab one. That sort of makes it like game, yeah?

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