Autumn, the Noble Season


Ah, autumn. It is my favorite season, when the days are still warm and the evenings are cool. Though I’m long since past my schoolboy days, I still think of fall as a period of rebirth, the start of a new school year bringing new people, reuniting friends, and opening up a new chapter of life and experiences. Holding hands with your crush as you walk down the street, crunching leaves under foot and rekindled fireplaces scenting the air. This doesn’t actually have anything to do with gaming, but I put it out there to balance out this somewhat sour post.

Now that summer is essentially over, this little corner of the earth will soon be covered in Halloween decorations and our Facebook feeds will be inundated with unusual ways to prepare squash and gifs of deep fried turkey explosions. Pumpkin spice will insinuate itself into every possible foodstuff to the delight of only the most troubled minds. The leaves will begin to turn. Blade Runner will return to the big screen to remind us why not every movie needs a sequel. Or a remake. Or a reboot.

Fall, or The Noble Season, as I like to refer to it, also brings some very important questions. Will Destiny 2 be any good? Will the indentation that the Xbox One X places on my credit card be worth it? (I mean, with a name like “Scorpio Edition”, how can it not be?) Will Kingsman 2 overload the over-the-top sight gags and use their bevy of a-list actors as a crutch to prop up an otherwise forgettable story? Will the sunken area on my couch magically restore itself if I start going back to the gym? Will It be “it” for It? All of these questions, save one, will be answered in time.

I’m seriously wondering if I should get Destiny 2. I enjoyed the first one to the extent that I played it. The meat of the game was in its multiplayer and my experience with the game was playing solo. It was a good looking game and the mechanics felt right, but I never had an opportunity to experience the game as intended.  This is due to the difficulty of creating a team as most of my friends are long since married an deep in the throes of child rearing. The open beta for D2 makes me inclined to think the situation will be similar this time around, a good looking, potentially fun game, but still a multi-player affair.

Elite: Dangerous has taken up far too much of my time. Though it has not taken up as many life-minutes as Game of Thrones (I’m still working on season 5, I should be caught up by the time session 8 airs in 2034), the galactic simulator has robbed me of more than 9 days of my life. Real, actual, hey it’s beautiful outside shouldn’t you maybe go out and be among the living, days. It’s a beautiful game and the controls on the Xbox work extremely well. The majority of my time has been spent exploring within the bubble of inhabited planets, but now I’m doing boom missions to grind out cash for insurance.  Crashing into a planet is easy to do when you’re not paying attention. I’m interested to see how it will be enhanced for the XBOX (Xbox One X….oh, I see what they did there). That said, I really need to get outside more.

After all, it is The Noble Season.

Till next time,


(P.S. I don’t have a copy editor and I drafted this on a phone during my train ride into work so…yeah)

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