The Reflectioning – Addendum


Yes, it’s true, I didn’t get all there was in my head out in my previous post, so here are a few things that didn’t make it the first time around.

* I was clearly oblivious because as can be seen on Kotaku, there was a great deal of great cosplay going on. Lesson learned: Take more damn pictures. 

* It wasn’t until the third day that the idea occurred to me that it would be fun to do a giveaway to help promote the blog.  I picked up a copy of Cards Against Humanity and announced on Twitter that the first person at PAX to find me on the floor and utter the passphrase would win it.  I went home with am extra copy of CAH.  Because the timeframe between the thought, the announcement, and window of opportnity was so brief, I dont even know if anyone saw the tweet. Lesson learned: These things really need to be planned in advance.

* I packed plenty of clothes but in trying to go for a signature look I only brought one hoodie. This was…a poor decision. Lesson learned: One hoodie is never enough. (That’s actually true for life in general)

* One of the great things about the hotel I was staying at was the hot tub.  There is nothing better after 8-12 hours on your feet than sitting in a hot tub.   This is of course if you didn’t forget to pack your bathing suit.  Lesson leanred: The lesson here is actually twofold. First, start a packing list for your next trip during your current trip so you won’t forget what you forgot.  Second, always pack a bathing suit.  Just do it.

* You are going to need to get around the city at some point.  This will require cash in most cases: Lesson learned: This is more of a rule of thumb rather than a lesson leanred, but always have some cash to tip your drivers.  It’s the right thing to do.

Well, the train is pulling into the station so it’s time for me to go.  Thanks for tuning in. 


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