PAX: Day Zero Post Mortem


The day before the day of PAX has passed and I find myself in my hotel room, trying to get a second cup of coffee in my gullet and get my self on some sort of footing for the day.  The fact that I’m typing this the morning after should give you some indication as to how the night before went.

My day started early enough.  Normally I get up between 4AM and 4:30 AM to get ready for work.  Given the opportunity to sleep in, my body decided to get up at about 3:50.  I only live an hour away from the convention venue so I decided my best course of action would be to take the most difficult route, utilizing three different modes of transit (Train, 2 subways, and a shuttlebus).  On the train I sat across from a very talkative gentleman who proceeded to speak to me about business and how to make money in nonprofits.  The train ride was approximately an hour and twenty minutes.  He spoke for an hour and twenty-one.

When I arrived at the place where the hotel shuttle is supposed to do pick ups, I attempted to call the hotel to let them know to send a driver around.  The only issue was that the hotel’s phone number was not working.  At all.  I figured if I waited long enough that a shuttle would eventually come by and I was correct.  He just didn’t stop to pick anyone up.  The shuttle did eventually make a second pass but not before I attempted calling the hotel an additional 8 times, even going so far as to contact the national headquarters of the hotel to see if they could connect me directly.  That effort ended unsatisfactorily.

I did finally make it to the hotel.  Passing through the lobby, familiar to me due to my having stayed here for last year’s Pax, I passed by the pool/Jacuzzi room.  I smiled at prospect of being able to take a quick dip.  I frowned when I realized that I had forgotten my bathing suit.

Once I got settled in I had a couple of hours to kill so I crashed on the couch.

Finally I headed out to dinner.  This proved to make the preceding events of the day worth it.   I met up with Falloutgirl and her crew and finally was able to place faces to the names and voices I’ve been seeing and hearing on Twitch for well over a year.  After dinner a few of us split off in search of a bar that served spiced rum because for some reason, the restaurant/bar we had dinner at was unable to provide said beverage.

The remaining few hours consisted of a couple of drinks that were strong enough to strip paint off a car and discussion about Twitch, it’s community and what its like to build up your following.  I mostly listened.  Good stuff.

That brings us to now, slightly hungover and in desperate need of a shower.  Also, the first cup of coffee, in conjunction with the second cup of coffee, are exerting their influence on my internals.

And so begins PAX: The First Day


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