Onto PAX East 2017


You know, time flies when you are having fun.  Time also seems to fly when you are just working your 9-5, not having fun and losing some of that head o’ steam you had six months ago.

But that is another post for another time, or another clinical session, depending on the co-pay.  The real reason for the post is to announce that once again, Mr. Marmot, The Bone of Ham and Stu, yours truly, will be attending PAX East in Boston in 2017.

PAX East is a ginormous (yup, real word) 3-day gaming exposition put on by those crafty little so-and-so’s at Penny Arcade.   Last year proved to be as large an affair as ever with live-streamed e-sport competitions, indie game studios, major game studios, a retro arcade, tabletop gaming, vendors, music, cosplay, it can actually get a little overwhelming.

Last year I was able to meet up with my favorite Twitch streamer Falloutgurl4, playtest Thornwatch, and was introduced to the magic that is Dragoon.  Am I name dropping? You’re damn right I’m dropping names.  Droppin’ them like they’re hot.  Because they are.

So tell me, dear readers, are you venturing out the PAX this year?  Share your stories.  Embrace the story.  BE. THE. STORY.


(P.S.-I’ve been chewing on Titanfall2 for a couple of days, a review will be following soon…)



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