Happy July


July is here and with it, at least here in the States, comes fun in the sun for surface dwellers everywhere.  BBQ’s, beach days, swimming, boating, all those things that make the outdoors enjoyable are on tap for hundreds of thousands of people.

That’s all well and good,  you are probably thinking,  but where is your damn podcast?  It is a good question and one that deserves an equally good answer. It’s not enough to lay claim to the honor of being the most successful podcast never produced, which it is.  It isn’t enough to say I’m working on it and it will be soon, which I am and it will.  It can not be sufficiently explained away with a simple wave of the hand, which is what I am actually trying to do at this very moment.

It’s a question of scheduling and inspiration and how the two never quite manage to run into each other.  Also, there is the matter of the purchase of a shiny new (manufacturer refurbished) laptop for working on the train which lasted all of 24 hours before falling two feet to the ground while wrapped in a protective sleeve and a courier bag, shattering the screen in such an amazingly complete fashion as to render it unfit for use.  The estimated cost to repair it was twice what I paid for it.  And so it sits, sundered and dormant. 

But I promised you, my followers, my faithful readers and eventual listeners a show.  And frankly I’m very much humbled when someone asks me out of the blue how the podcast is coming along and yes, even that they are looking forward to it. 

So for now please bear with me a bit longer and I promise that I will have something soon, even if it means reading the phone book out loud.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or would like to discuss the finer points of laptop hardware failure, please hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or comment below.

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