Say pal, what are you trying to pull?


Yes, yes.  You might be wondering why you’ve not heard much in the way of updates from the ol’ Marmot Man.  Well, part of that is due to a lack of updates, and most of that is due to a lack of updates.  As anyone who is currently breathing may be aware, life is what happens when you make plans and scheduling can be tricky, particularly with people who have a lot of things going on.

The good thing is that the people I hope to have on the show have a lot going on.  This typically means that they have things to talk about.  This is good when the meat and potatoes of your podcast relies on people talking about things.  So let’s take that as a good sign and move ahead.

What I do have to share is some design work from an extremely talented graphic artist who recently did some work for me.  I would like to thank her and give a shout-out to Andi Robinson.  She can be found at Andi Robinson Designs.

And so, I give you the first Marmot Report graphic:




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