So it begins. Sort of.



You have to start somewhere and this is where it starts for me.  Though not fully kitted out, it should be enough to start things moving.  The domain is up, the website is up, the recording setup is good to go and so things are in a good spot to start production this month for the debut in June.

I’m always on the lookout for content, ideas, and feedback so feel free to send along an email or leave a comment below.  Follow me on Twitter and let’s get this shindig on the road!

6 thoughts on “So it begins. Sort of.

  1. Arthur DVD Dent

    What a lovely place, love the decor. All it needs now is a few sofas, a clock on the wall and a filing cabinet.


  2. Ah, the infamous orange microphone! All the clicky button things work, and the layout is nice and easily legible. The Marmot looks like someone I dated once, and I have a suspicion the guy with no idea what he’s doing has an excellent idea what he’s doing. Great job!


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